It’s about throwing!

Knife throwers are scattered all over the country. Knife throwing tournaments are few and far between.

There are a lot of great social sites for knife throwers. On some of those sites the members have a “virtual” tournament where someone issues a challenge of say, “100 hawks at 1 spin” so everyone goes out into their backyard and makes their throws and on the honor system comes back and reports their scores in exchange for nothing more than bragging rights.

That inspired me. But…

I felt it was time to take this to the next level so I started IKATTS: The Internet Knife and Tomahawk Throwing Society.

I want the sport of Knife Throwing to grow. I want more throwers to feel confident and show up at the real tournaments held by the various organizations around the world. So in-between those tournaments you have IKATTS.

The idea here is to educate everyone about the kinds of events you will find at the different kinds of tournaments, whether that is an AKTA, IKTHOF or a Mountain Man throw … or whatever. This site is meant to compliment those organizations, not compete with them. It is meant to promote them and make more throwers want to join them and participate in them.

Then the next step is to get everyone DOING it. So that’s why this site is going to be about lots, and lots of these backyard tournaments.

The IKATTS site will hold regular “virtual” tournaments that anyone can participate in. But the site is programmed to take the scores and keep them. It is unofficial…and on the honor system…but it will keep and report rankings of all participants.

It’s just for fun. But hopefully it will make you feel more confident and prepared for competing in a real tournament whenever you can.

Best Regards,

Kenneth Elwood Gary
Founder of IKATTS